Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Gospel and Jimmy Buffett: Changes in Latitude, Changes in Attitude

A BIG thanks to Kim Scites, who came to my rescure and preached last weekend for me. Here is her take on Changes in Latitude, Changes In Attitude
And here is New Life's take on Brandon Heath's I'm Not Who I Was (Trinity folks may remember a similar version last year)


Kim S said...

Does this mean I'm 'published'? LOL! Looking foward w/you to your Tybee vacation! Oh - and I haven't ignored your last paper - I can't open docx here and keep forgetting to forward! See ya soon! Well... maybe after Tybee & following the catch up :)

Sherill said...

Yes Kim you are now published and in such an important pub as my blog ;-D

I'd forgotten about you having that paper! You haven't missed anything!

Look forward to catching up after my vacation and thank you again for such a wonderful sermon and for your willingness to pinch hit for me!!!!!