Saturday, September 5, 2009

Bad Haiku

I have begun to wonder if we will get any mail at all once Laura decides on a college! Most of our daily snail mail comes from colleges far and near. Most of it is destined for the trash can and some Laura has set aside to actually look at. In addition to all the "snail mail," she is evidently getting tons of e-mail. Once again, most of it is not terribly exciting. But she did get one that tickled her so that she actually requested information and I just had to share it!

Dear Laura,

You haven't responded to any of our other emails regarding getting on the MIT mailing list and getting some interesting/cool materials in the mail, so we'll stop bugging you. But I begged my boss to let me try one last time, telling him that bad haiku is the key to connecting with people.

If you respond to this email, after having ignored the others, it will make admissions officers everywhere rethink their use of bad haiku in the admissions process. Let's change the world.

Here goes...

Hi, how's it going?
We would like to send you an
MIT brochure.

It's free, really cool,
And we think you will like it.
Click the link below to request it.

(That last line had nine
syllables. Did you catch that?
We knew you were smart.)


Matt McGann '00
Associate Director of Admissions, MIT


Kim S said...

LOL! L really needs to encourage this!!

Hillary @ The Other Mama said...

Who knew the peeps at MIT could be so funny? Very cute!