Saturday, May 8, 2010

Eclectic Echoes--Nashville Skyline Edition

Funny how you take things for granted. I've never particularly thought of myself as attached to Nashville. I love my time spent at Vanderbilt but my time there was primarily spent going to class, studying, and spending time with friends. As a child, we actually spent a fair amount of time in Nashville since it was conveniently located half way between Dad in D.C. and Mom in Dallas. I still remember fondly trying hard to stay awake in Ryman so I could hear Marty Robbins sing (I was much more fond of country music in those days). But all in all I have taken Nashville for granted.

My last visit to Nashville was actually last Friday and I drove on many of the roads and buildings that were flooded less than 24 hours later. And of course, I have a number of very dear friends that live in Nashville.

Given the number of disasters that have hit lately, tornadoes in Albertville and Geraldine and oil slicks on the coast, you'd think we'd become immune to hurting when we see such devastation. But thankfully I haven't yet. So this week I'd like to begin by sharing a video from Nashville. This video ends with an appeal to send funds to the Red Cross but I'd also like to encourage you to consider donating to UMCOR The advance special number is for domestic disaster response but 100% of that money goes to disaster relief.

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