Saturday, July 23, 2011

Questions about Life, Faith, Christianity and the Bible

• Define faith. 

• How does God want us to deal with conflict within our families, our churches, our communities, etc.?

• Why is the church talking about, having meetings, forums, and sending us lessons on immigration?

• What did Jesus write in the sand?

• Is the Bible a book of facts and laws that should be taken literally to help us avoid Hell or a book of philosophies to provide guidelines to help us make earth a "good" place? 

• I wonder where our soul resides?  I used to think that since the soul was the most perfect(?) part of us it had to reside in the brain, which I thought was the most perfect bodily part of us. Then I heard about Alzheimer's. . .

• If God sent his son, Jesus, back to earth today where would he attend church? I really don't think he would head to a synagogue but where would he go. Would he come to a Methodist church? Would he come to our Methodist Church?

• Why isn't the "magic" found in the bible present in this day, i.e. the healing, burning bushes, visions, etc. etc.

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