Saturday, July 23, 2011

Questions about God and Us

• This is my question for God. "Why are some bad people allowed to have children when good people experience infertility and would provide a child a wonderful home filled with love?"

• Early in the Old Testament, God promises to the people of God that if they will follow his way, he will reward them. But it often seems to be at the expense of another people. Of course the people don’t and there is constant struggle between God and the people as well as between the people and their neighbors. Then Jesus comes and brings the word to love our brother, to give him the coat on our back if he asks, to forgive 70 times 70, but again says Jesus is the way, cutting out those who may be seeking God, but not by following Jesus. There seems to be an exclusivity to our faith; is this a test for us? 

• What does God think when we fail to act?  In other words, is inaction - when one has been gifted with a talent and an opportunity (leadership comes to mind) - sinful, damaging, hurtful, etc? 

• “If a person commits suicide will they go to hell.”

• “Is there a Hell?”
○ “If so is Gandhi in Hell?”

• It seems like I've always been blessed with good things - I didn't have to work my way through college, my kids have always been well behaved and have achieved great things in high school and college, and I've had a great, well-paying job for almost 30 years. I never did anything special to deserve this and I don't think I've worked particularly hard to achieve it. So many other folks work very hard and still don't get these things. Why have I had it so easy and other people have it so hard?

• What are we going to do to pass the time for billions and trillions of years in heaven?
○ I wonder about heaven and the mansions we are going to live in.  Is everyone going to have their own mansion?  If so, wouldn't we be lonely living alone.  Would there be dust?  Who would maintain it and take care of it?  Will there be stores?  Will we have to work for money to buy stuff, like we do here?  Will it be a lot like earth, but completely peaceful?  Will there be lakes and sandy beaches?  Will our pets who have died be there, along with our friends and relatives who have died?  Will all animals and people live together peacefully, with no killing?  My thoughts of heaven are that we will be able to do anything we ever wanted to do on earth, but lacked the talent or resources to do here.  I can't imagine an endless life where all you do is worship God and sing His praises.  There will be plenty of that, but there has to be something more.

• If God watches all we do, does He even watch when we have sex. (The writer wasn't that blunt but that was the question.)

• Does God punish us today?  If so, how?  How far does His unconditional love go?

• What exactly is grace?  How do we earn it?  Is it something that can be lost? 

• Why God would want to care about me--bad and selfish as I am.  Why would He go to all that trouble to create things (and us) and then have to tolerate us and then go to all that trouble to reach us. 

• Why won't God talk to me overtly?

• Can soldiers who have killed during combat go to heaven?

• I work for the Army in support of a Department of Army weapon system that is armed for combat, which means people are killed. So, even though I'm not the one physically using the system, I help keep the system in operation.  Does that mean my job indirectly supports/causes these deaths?  How will I be held accountable for that?

• How does God (I like to call him the big guy upstairs...might be surprised later if God is a she but that would be cool too) sort through prayers and decide on what prayer to answer?

• Is it OK to have some doubts?  Will he still love us and will we still go to heaven?  What about people who neither believe nor disbelieve; they aren't sure?  Will they go to heaven?

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